Healthy Lifestyle & Its Functions for the Body

Healthy Lifestyle & Its Functions for the Body

What is the correct healthy lifestyle? Tips for healthy living are quite varied. To start, at least there is a healthy lifestyle that you can follow as explained below.

1. Consume healthy and nutritionally balanced food

What is meant by a nutritious and balanced diet? The first healthy lifestyle is consuming healthy and nutritionally balanced food. To get balanced nutrition, the Indonesian Ministry of Health provides a guide to healthy eating with the term ‘Fill My Plate’, where on one plate at each meal, half the plate contains vegetables and fruit, while the other half contains staple foods and side dishes.

Not only that, you are also advised to always drink more water and consume whole foods, as well as reduce sugary drinks, processed foods, and coconut milk or fried foods as a healthy lifestyle that you can apply every day. detail

2. Exercise regularly

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that people who rarely or are lazy to exercise have a 20–30% increased risk of death. Therefore, it is important to do exercise as a healthy lifestyle, whether it is resistance sports such as lifting weights or cardio sports which include brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling or playing badminton.

So, how do you exercise regularly? WHO recommends that you do aerobic exercise (cardio) for 150–300 minutes at moderate intensity, or for 75–150 minutes at high intensity every week. Meanwhile, you can do resistance sports at least 2 days a week.

3. Get enough sleep

Why do we need enough sleep? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that lack of sleep is closely linked to the risk of chronic disease. Starting from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, to depression. Therefore, it is important to fulfill the ideal sleep time of at least 7-9 hours for adults as a healthy lifestyle for your rest time.

4. Manage stress well

Excessive stress can have a negative effect on health, both physical and mental health. For this reason, you must make it a habit to always manage stress well. Here are some easy examples of what you can do.

Do activities or hobbies that you like, such as listening to and playing music, or watching films.

Do relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation.

Do recreation in open spaces.

5. Keep your body clean

So that your body is not easily attacked by infections, you must always maintain body hygiene as part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are some examples of healthy lifestyle patterns that you can follow to keep your body clean.

Wash your hands with soap then rinse using clean water.

Cutting nails when the nails are long or there is a buildup of dirt on the nails.

Wash your face after activities and before and before bed, using facial cleanser or skin care according to your facial skin type.

Wash your hair or shampoo regularly using shampoo.

Maintain the health and cleanliness of women’s genitals, especially during menstruation.

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