How to cure spinal pain

How to cure spinal pain

There are a number of causes that can cause ongoing spinal pain. Therefore, the treatment recommended by the doctor may not be the same for each person. Initially, the doctor may advise you to first reduce activities and rest for 1-3 days when the signs first appear. This period of time is considered good because long periods of rest can actually increase pain and reduce muscle strength. If just resting the pain has not stopped, the doctor can recommend healing. The following are ways, including medication, to cure spinal pain, which are usually prescribed by doctors:

1. Pain medication

According to The National Center of Biotechnology Information, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be an option to reduce mild to moderate pain in the spine, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. If the symptoms are more chronic, the doctor can prescribe stronger pain-reducing drugs, namely opioids, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, or tramadol. Apart from reducing pain, several other drugs may also be given to help relieve back pain, such as antidepressants (duloxetine) or muscle relaxants.

2. Physical therapist

Doctors may also recommend physical therapy as a texomapainandspine to help relieve spinal pain. This step can also help build strength and elasticity, and avoid future injuries. Treatment or physical therapy includes massage therapy, traction, relaxation exercises, ultrasound, ice and heat therapy, to electrical impulses.

3. Spinal injection

Injections in the spine are recommended by doctors to cure infections and reduce pain directly at the source. Common injections include:

Epidural steroid (cortisone) injection, in the space near the nerve or in the spinal canal.
Injections into small joints (facet joints), in or near the joints which can cure arthritis joint pain.
Sacroiliac (SI) joint injections, in the spine but also the pelvis.
Trigger point injections, to help muscles relax and reduce pain.

4. Sorting

If spinal pain is critical, it is possible that you will need a surgical approach, such as laminectomy, microdiscectomy, fusion of two vertebrae, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, or complete disc replacement (arthroplasty).

Spinal pain usually occurs due to trauma or sudden injury or excessive use over a long period of time. This causes the muscle fibers (ligaments) to stretch abnormally so they may cramp, tighten, twist, or tear. Muscles that are stretched due to injury or repeated use can cause infection of the surrounding soft tissue. This infection causes the spine to feel sore due to muscle spasms. Spinal pain can also be triggered by problems with the nerves, such as sciatica pain. A pinched nerve in the back can cause pain that spreads from the spine to the extremities of the body or chest wall.

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